Heather’s Summer Mexi Bowls

This was born out of sheer laziness and intense hunger, and was inspired by the hot ass desert that I live in. This is a great recipe for people who are really good at going to the grocery store. It's also a great meal for summertime. Or if you live in the Southwest like we do, March through November.

Here's what you'll need to do:
Go to the grocery and buy:
•One package of pollo asada*
•An avocado or 2, preferably ripe if you're making this tonight (I use about 1/2 an avocado per bowl)
•Salsa - I have acid reflux that could burn a hole through metal so I get mild. I recommend medium unless you are like super white and can't handle spicy. OR, instead of salsa, you can class it up with pico de gallo
•Sour cream - I like the texture and taste of light best.
•Tortilla chips

*If they don't have it cause you don't live in what we call Mexico North, then just buy some grilled chicken strips. I think they're by the hot dogs.

First thing is heat up the chicken. Oh, I should insert that pollo, that's Mexican for chicken. Yea I know what I said. It's a dialect. If you have the grilled chicken strips, just toss them on a microwave safe dish and microwave them at 20 second intervals until hot.

This is the option at the market closest to me.
Heats up in like, 4 minutes.

While the chicken is heating up, get out a bowl, or bowls, and slice open the avocado.

**if you'd like, you can start with black beans, cook them up and scoop some into the bottom of the bowl. I just find black beans gross.

I had this earlier but just looking at this makes me salivate. I'm fanatical about avocado.

Scrape off any gross black spots then dice up the avocado. It's okay if it's not uniform especially if the avocado is on this side of ripe. It can be a little soft and mushy. Who cares? It tastes awesome in your mouth.

Put the diced avocado into the bowl. Take out the chicken and cut or dice it up. I grab meat scissors and cut it up cause it seems faster to me. Throw that in the bowl on top of the avocado.

Spoon in as much or as little salsa or pico that you desire. Plop some sour cream in small dollops around the bowl. Grab some tortilla chips and you can break them up or I just crunch them up in my hand and sprinkle all over.

I usually then mix it all together but you don't want to see a photo of it. Trust me though, it's delicious. The best part is that you can add as much or as little of each ingredient that you desire. And it takes about 7 minutes tops to put together.

Great part about this is that later on, you have a snack from the leftover chips and salsa! Who needs a margarita?

Midnight Munchies Turkey Sandwich!

I've noticed I can't find regular sandwich recipes or ideas. They all are fancy or complicated or require trips to four different stores. So, when I wanted a snack tonight, I looked in my fridge. I pulled out some items and grabbed a plate because the commercial break is almost over and I'm too lazy to walk back over and hit the pause button.

Now I bought everything at Trader Joe's so if there is one near you, you can get all the ingredients in one stop!

Living in a low gluten consuming household (sensitivities, so save your comments!), a treat for me is white bread. So I bought Tuscan bread. I grabbed two slices, then grabbed an avocado and split it open, put half into a Tupperware with some lemon juice for a small snack of guacamole tomorrow*, spread the other half of the avocado on one slice and some light mayo on the other (I like light the best, it doesn't really matter).  I laid down 3 slices of honey smoked turkey and 2 slices of white cheddar (I bought it already sliced, which they don't always have but you can buy a block and slice yourself). I topped it with watercress (also not always available, so I recommend baby spinach as an easy to find year round replacement). I was going to add cranberry but some toddler running around these parts ate it all 😊

This was the final result. I had to use a filter because I could not get a good photo with lighting without taking my sandwich into the bathroom, which is a no go for me. Joey and I differ there! (Friends reference for those old enough!)

It took me five minutes to make this an and hour to put away the ingredients, but that's because I'm lazy. Hence my recipe for a sandwich.

*scoop some salsa in, stir, eat with tortilla chips. Midday snack voila.